“Backstage with Dancing With the Stars Marie Osmond!”

Okay. I admit it!  When I was a teen, I dreamed about one-day marrying  Marie Osmond.  At the time, the Donny and Marie show aired in prime time. I wouldn’t miss an episode, a chance to see that big smile of hers.  At one point, I had a pull-out magazine poster of Marie on my bedroom door. She was definitely the girl for me. She had a great smile, pretty face, lots of  talent, and great family values.  I remember telling my friend Anthony that I would marry her one day. Then, I read she got married! Next thing I knew she was pregnant, having children, and I pretty much gave up on marrying Marie Osmond  I soon graduated from college, began work, and through my job began traveling all over the country.

One week I was in Kansas City, Missouri attending a week-long convention. I quickly learned that the entertainment featured at the convention’s opening luncheon would be Marie Osmond.  All of a sudden, I was going to be in the same room with Marie!  Was she still married, I thought? The old crush came back, and I was definitely excited.  Think about it if you ran into your celebrity teenage crush? At the luncheon, I was wandering back and forth along the front row of tables when I ran into a client and friend of mine. Myrle, who like Marie was from Utah, immediately invited me to join her and her party at their reserved table. Marie soon took the stage, performed great and also introduced her 9-year-old son who sang one song with her.

After, Myrle asked if I would like to go backstage and meet Marie. Of course, I did! We walked backstage and over to Marie where Myrle introduced me. Just like that! Marie was very slender at the time (actually she is today too after her recent weight loss) with long black hair and that trademark big smile. We talked a bit before Marie said she had some other people to say hello to and that she would come back to us. I was thinking no way, but she did!  When she came back, we took a photo together. The photo later appeared in a Business Journal publication with the caption “David and Marie – David Andre replaces Donny at NTA Convention.”

Are you thinking, did I propose to her?  Well, she was married at the time, so I didn’t ask her.  I was happy that we met though. A year or so later, I ran into her youngest brother, Jimmy Osmond, at the same convention. Jimmy and I spent about 5-10 minutes talking about business, and I also mentioned that I had met his sister. It was surreal like as he talked about his brother Donny Osmond appearing on stage in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat‘ in Toronto, Canada. Who would figure? Now, I was talking to my celebrity teen crush’s younger brother. Usually, I’d try to see if the younger brother could set me up, but Marie was still married!

It was nice to see her after all this time on Dancing with the Stars. During one episode after her dance, she fainted on national television. She got right back up though. I’ve got two trips to Las Vegas this summer.  I heard Marie’s performing there. I wonder…..

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